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Leather Tool Apron

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  • Genuine leather strap
  • Adjustable waist strap
  • Sturdy and patina denim
  • Color: brown
  • Multiple practical pockets
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Length 26 cm, width 47 cm
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Our Leather Tool Apron have multiple pockets to store your tools.

This Apron made of denim and leather stands out for its originality and unconventional practicality. It's the perfect half apron for tinkering or working on service in a restaurant or bar.

Denim Leather Apron

The blend of Denim and Leather creates a trendy and strong Apron with timeless style.

We love this style of short and practical apron, made with strong and durable materials like cotton denim and leather. Its waist strap is made of leather and adjustable to best fit your body. Its lightly distressed style offers an apron with character.

Why combine denim and leather

Denim is a fabric made from cotton canvas, with great strength and offering superior resistance to many uses. Leather, on the other hand, is a material that has been renowned for centuries for its ironclad robustness and unmatched charm. The combination of these two quality materials on the same Apron has resulted in our Denim and Leather Shoe, which is a versatile and timeless design.

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Do you need optimal comfort? Try our Leather Hairdressing Apron . The Leather Apron provides an elegant and sophisticated look while offering protection in the kitchen. The Apron is an essential for trendy and chic kitchens.