Work Apron

Aprons have many benefits. The main functionality of an apron is to protect you from dirt, hazardous materials, splash as well as heat

Chef Apron, the apron specialists.

When designing our work aprons, we consider the intended use, the comfort of each model, and their polyvalence. We create practical aprons, most with modern lines, some classic, and give them a special touch with quality details. Clothes suitable for work but without losing sight of style, so you'll want to wear them every day.

How to choose your chef apron

Aprons are extremely useful in the kitchen. If you've chosen the right apron, it can keep your clothes clean, protect you, and allow you to store your things. At Chef, we know how important it is that an apron protects your clothes effectively.

Made of durable and comfortable materials, our aprons offer the protection you need. When considering a new apron, there are many things to consider when choosing the best option for you, your business and your kitchen.

Why you need an apron

The first thing you need to ask yourself is how you will use the apron. Different aprons have equally different benefits, so you need to identify your priorities. In the kitchen, you'll probably need a sturdy apron that can not only protect your clothes from food stains, but also resist wear and tear.

Use of sharp tools

Depending on the deck material, the durability of the decks can vary considerably. If you're looking for an apron for your home kitchen, you may not need adurable apron, as you probably don't handle as many sharp tools as those used in professional kitchens. While an apron won't protect you completely, it can help you avoid minor cuts.

How to wash your apron

Another important factor in choosing an apron is whether it should be easily washable. Fortunately, you can remove most stains from aprons by simply running them through the machine. However, you can't machine clean some aprons like leather aprons for example. 

Be sure to think about the type of stains you'll face and how often you'll need to clean your apron.

How often you will need to use your Apron.

Take into account how much time you spend in the kitchen. Also, if you have a large kitchen and move back and forth a lot, you may want to get an apron with pockets, so you can store tools and small items in it and not have to constantly walk back and forth.

The apron fabric

Perhaps the most important aspect - and the one that will determine most of the above qualities - is the type of fabric that makes up the apron. The most common fabrics are cotton and polyester. Both of these fabrics will protect your clothes and are easily cleaned.

Why wear an Apron to work

Some aprons offer more protection than others. For example, the bib apron will cover you more than the bistro apron.

In addition, the professional aprons will be more resistant and sometimes even impermeable, while the amateur aprons will be designed in a simpler textile, made of cotton or polyester. Either way, you'll be protected!

For professionals, the pockets found in many types of aprons can be extremely useful for storing items.

Florists like to wear an apron to keep their tools close at hand. A gardener is happy to have an apron to hold various tools and seeds while working outside. A parking lot attendant or restaurant server will use their Apron to store money, bills or other useful items, as will a barber or hairdresser!

Where to buy a professional apron

In addition to aprons for amateurs and individuals, Maison du Tablier offers a wide selection for professionals. Cook, patissier or barber, each artisan will find the apron adapted to his trade.  

In cotton or polyester, stripes or denim, our high-quality kitchen aprons will be there to protect you from stains. At Maison du Tablier, we offer the largest selection of professional aprons. Think about equipping yourself with several aprons and thus be able to supply your employees or apprentices. 

Where to buy a white kitchen apron?

White aprons are available in different shapes, such as the bib apron, thebelt apron, and the bistro apron. They are available with different pocket options.

White aprons give a clean, professional look and are very popular in the kitchen. Some of our best-selling white aprons include the short white apron which offers basic clothing protection and a clean look. It is made from a polyester and cotton blend and features three pockets. You can also opt for the white kitchen bib apron, which is convenient and machine washable.

Restaurant Aprons:

If you work in the food, beverage or hospitality industries, chances are that aprons are a part of your daily routine. Specifically, restaurant aprons: bib aprons, bistro aprons and waist aprons.

The style of apron can vary depending on the style of restaurant you work in, the position you hold and the type of uniform you wear. Often, cooks will prefer bavette aprons while those doing room service will prefer the half apron, which allows for more freedom of movement. Aprons are perfect for people working in the food service industry for multiple reasons. They are practical and time saving: the apron allows you to store a notebook, pens or pencils, utensils, etc. nearby. 

The most popular waiter's apron is the short apron, with pockets. This is a very practical apron, where you can store your notepad, change, etc. You can also opt for the bartender apron, or even the bib waiter apron. These aprons are made of comfortable materials like cotton, to be lightweight and very effective. They are also easily washable in the machine.

These are workwear that stand up to many spills and stains. They help protect your clothing or uniform. They are also professional. When working in the food and beverage industry, it is pertinent to wear a uniform so that customers know who to talk to. Employees wearing aprons not only help customers identify who is working there, but it's also a great way to showcase a professional and cohesive team.

When it comes to purchasing restaurant aprons, we highly recommend that you contact us so that we can offer you a "wholesale price." By ordering in bulk, you ensure that all employees will have an apron, and even back-up aprons if needed!

Bib aprons

A bib apron provides maximum protection for the front of the body, while leaving the arms free. Equipped with a neck strap, this is an older design that has never lost its functionality and convenience.

Cross-strap aprons

Another alternative to an apron with a neckband is a cross-body design with adjustable straps that cross at the middle of the back. With a more modern style, this design offers greater comfort and increased freedom of movement.