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Leather Half Apron

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  • Vintage Distressed Effect
  • Ideal for Room Service, Bar or Restaurant
  • Genuine Leather Buckles
  • Double and Multi-Pocket Convenience
  • High-Quality Waxed Canvas and Genuine Leather
  • Hand Wash Recommended
  • Dimensions: Width 58 cm, Length 37 cm
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Discover the Rugged Charm of Our Leather Half Apron

Are you looking to elevate your service with a touch of style? Our Leather Half Apron is not just a piece of clothing; it's an accessory that blends functionality with a vintage aesthetic. Designed for the professionals who appreciate the art of serving, this apron exudes a distressed effect that adds character to any uniform.

Designed for Excellence in Hospitality

Whether you're gliding through room service, crafting cocktails behind the bar, or managing the hustle and bustle of a restaurant, our apron is the companion you need. It's not only about the look; the genuine leather buckles ensure a secure fit while adding an artisan touch to the overall design.

Ultimate Functionality Meets Vintage Style

The Leather Half Apron isn't just about good looks; it's also about making your job easier. The double pockets are perfect for stashing order pads, pens, or a trusty wine opener. Need more? The additional multipocket feature offers ample space for all your essentials, ensuring everything you need is within a quick reach.

Material Crafted to Last

Made from high-grade waxed canvas and reinforced with genuine leather, this apron is built to withstand the demands of a busy environment. While it's sturdy and durable, we recommend hand washing to maintain the integrity of the materials and the apron's distinctive look.

Measuring 58 cm in width and 37 cm in length, the apron provides ample coverage without restricting movement, allowing you to work efficiently and comfortably. And, to add to the convenience, we offer free standard shipping on every order.

Your Trusted Partner in Service

Our Leather Half Apron is much more than an accessory — it's a testament to your commitment to quality and style. With its combination of a rugged, vintage look and modern-day functionality, it’s the perfect choice for service professionals looking to make a statement. Ready to take your service to the next level? Add this exquisite apron to your wardrobe and embrace the excellence of your craft.

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