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    Kitchen Aprons for Men

    Cook at home with style and elegance by wearing a Apron with your image.

    Apron original, high-end, toilet or jean, give way to your creativity and assert your personality. 👨🍳

    For those who love to cook, an apron is an essential accessory. The kitchen apron not only protects against stains on your clothes, it is also a true kitchen outfit trendy and practical.

    Women's Kitchen Aprons

    With our women's kitchen aprons, you can express your personality with every dish or dessert preparation. With a neck strap or crossed straps in the back, with or without bath, with pockets, patterns or even a unique color, each apron was created to bring you comfort and style to every moment spent cooking or in front of the barbecue.

    Purposeful, they're more than just kitchen clothes: wear them for gardening, doing everyday chores, crafting or painting. Our aprons offer real protection and tie easily in the lower back. For added comfort, our favorite styles feature a cross-over tie in the back, such as our Top Apron, Original Women's Kitchen Apron or Modern Women's Kitchen Apron. These are sturdy aprons that are easy to wear all day and stylish.

    What is an Apron

    The apron, an essential accessory that allows us to do all kinds of activities without having to change clothes.

    It is a garment that we place over the clothes we wear so as not to stain or damage them.

    The ablier is indispensable in our homes and for professionals in the culinary field. For the latter, the apron is an integral part of their work outfit: it is a uniform that provides protection and elegance.

    An apron is not an easy garment to choose: it will follow you during your personal or professional activities, and there are several elements to consider. What style of apron are you looking for? More modern and comfortable? Aprons with crossed straps in the back are a great choice! Prefer a classic, minimalist apron? Then a bib apron with a solid color will suit you better. Want an apron that will stick with you during your heavy welding jobs? A leather apron will be more suitable than a cloth apron!

    The different functions of an apron

    The functions of an apron are so numerous that they make it an essential garment in the home or in the uniform of hotel and restaurant workers.

    While it's true that there are different models and types of aprons, their functionality is almost the same for all.

    • Protects the uniform or clothing from dirt.
    • Prevents burns and accidents.
    • Keeps essential utensils close at hand.
    • Confers a certain elegance.

    A good apron should be comfortable and easy to remove. Versatile, you can wear it at any time or place, whether at home and in any work that could cause stains on your clothes.

    The benefits of wearing an apron

    Protective and hygienic, the apron can be worn on a variety of occasions and in many professions: barber, hairstylist, florist, etc. The apron immediately gives a professional look.

    In some trades, wearing a leather apron is essential: its function then is to protect against burns and dangerous splashes.

    The benefits vary depending on the model you choose and the material it is made of. Some aprons are even impermeable, perfect for protecting you from splashes and easy to clean.

    The pocketed aprons allow you to take your essentials everywhere.

    The different types of aprons

    The bib apron

    A flap apron is a type of apron that covers the chest and ties around the neck. Bib aprons are typically made of ahard-wearing fabric, such as denim or cloth, and are often used in the kitchen or for working with dirty materials. Bib aprons offer protection from spills and splashes, and they can also help keep clothes clean. In addition, bib aprons are available in a wide variety of styles, including with pockets or decorative details. Whether you're looking for functionality or fashion, the bib apron is a great option.

    The half apron

    It ties around the waist and covers the lower half of the body, usually reaching mid-thigh. This type of apron is great for quickly drying your hands, but offers limited protection from splashes in the kitchen. The bistro apron is similar to this design, but is longer.

    The Dress Apron

    Atablie dressr is a garment consisting of a bodice attached to an apron. Historically, apron dresses were worn by women in domestic settings. They were often made of simple, strong fabrics, such as linen or cotton, and were designed to protect the wearer's clothing from stains and dirt.

    Today, tabier dresses are still worn in some domestic contexts, but they have also become popular fashion items. They are often made of more delicate fabrics such as silk or lace and are often brightly colored or patterned. Although they are no longer strictly utilitarian, apron dresses retain some of their original charm. 

    Short aprons: These usually don't have a bib, meaning they don't offer chest protection because your activity doesn't require it. They are commonly used by chefs, waiters, waitresses, bartenders, housekeepers, among others.

    Parisian apron: it is characterized by its length to the feet, covering the entire lower part of the body and part of the shoes. It is very traditional in the French restaurant and gastronomy. It is truly one of the most elegant aprons you can wear.

    If you're looking to get into the holiday spirit, our Christmas aprons are the perfect gift. A Christmas apronl adorned with a special holiday design is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

    For those who prefer to keep it simple, our white aprons are an example of easy elegance. Or try a black apron or a red apron to introduce some glamour into your kitchen.

    Apron House aprons aren't just kitchen aprons. You can use our pocket aprons as hairstylist aprons for your small business, as gardening aprons for picking fresh herbs and vegetables, or as shoemaker's aprons. Any craft deserves an apron that protects you in style. And they are as stylish as they are functional!

    Every profession has its own characteristics, which is why aprons are so different from one trade to another.

    What type of fabric to make an apron out of?

    Many materials are used to make our aprons: cotton, linen, polyester, leather, pvc, faux leather, etc... A leather kitchen apron is perfect for outdoor use, such as for barbecues.

    Acotton apron, a cloth apron, or an apron made from another lighter fabric is a good choice if you're looking for something practical and easy to wear due to its lightness. These fabrics also allow you to wipe your hands and are washable unlike the leather apron.

    Cotton apron: very soft fabric, very resistant to heat and cold. It is highly recommended for working in places where you may come in contact with high temperatures.

    Polyester apron: wrinkle-free fabric, provides permanent elegance. Due to the fact that it is a very durable fabric, it is ideal for places where you might get scratches on your clothes.

    PVC apron: this is a very modern fabric, which offers excellent waterproofing. No matter the splash that will arrive on your apron, it will not reach your clothes. Easy to clean, with a cloth, it will be like new.

    Leather apron: ideal for heavy and dangerous work. Workers in industrial environments are always accompanied by a leather apron. This type of apron is not necessarily used for hygiene. Its function is mainly to protect the body. It is very resistant to high temperatures. It is also chosen for its assertive style and high durability

men apron

Men Apron

Discover our men's apron collection — rugged, minimalist design meets functionality. Perfect for craftsmen, chefs, and grill masters. Gear up and create with style.

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women apron

Women Apron

Explore our women's aprons: chic, durable, perfect for home cooks and pro chefs alike. Embrace your kitchen adventures with flair and function!

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    Japanese Apron

    The Japanese Apron style is known for itsabsolute comfort. Crossed at the back, the wide straps don't constrict and match the flowing, breathable style that the Japanese Apron offers. Made in a loose fit, from linen or cotton, it's an easy apron to wear over clothes. It comes in different colors, but neutral and elegant tones are predominant, such as black, beige or gray. As much for men as for women, this unisex Apron and minimalist is suitable for many activities: kitchen, household, gardening, painting, pottery...

    Customized Aprons, the ultimate way to make yourself unique in the kitchen. 

    Some designs are easily personalized. Plus, our aprons fit any work environment. Each with optimal comfort, all you have to do is choose the style that fits your needs perfectly.

    If you'd like to add a logo, image or personalization to your apron, feel free to visit our collection of custom abrasives. We can even send you a virtual sample for free via email!

    To take your new apron to the next level, create a custom apron using our customization option. Custom aprons are a great way to add a personal touch to any apron design. Create custom aprons to give as gifts, or treat yourself to acustomized apron with your name, initials or a meaningful phrase. A personalized apron is one of the best gifts you can give. You can also have your company logo printed on it and create a professional outfit for yourself.

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    Leather apron

    Here you'll find the leather apron that's right for you! It doesn't matter if you're welder, blacksmith, farrier, brewer or cook. We're bound to have a leather apron to suit your trade. But leather aprons can also be worn at home! For cooking or even for the barbecue, leather brings incomparable style and unique elegance. It brings style and protection, no matter what activity you wear it for.

    Leather is a natural material that has many properties. It is mainly for their high quality and durability that leather aprons are often used as protective clothing in various professions. A leather apron is extremely tear resistant and its thickness generally makes it more protective than a cloth apron.

    Special tanning processes are used so that some leather work aprons offer protection against high temperatures and are flame retardant.

    Leather aprons are not just used by welders to protect against heat and sparks. forgers also use these protective aprons to protect themselves from high temperatures, molten metal splashes or sparks. In these work environments, it is necessary to protect the entire front of the body (upper body and legs), hence the use of a full leather apron.

    Leather aprons are also worn for completely different activities that do not involve heat protection.

    For example, they are popular with gardeners or carpenters. Here, thin leather variants are often used, which are comfortable and light to wear and offer good protection against splinters, sawdust or even plant thorns.

    Professional Aprons

    Are you looking for a work outfit that is comfortable and protects your clothes ? Our shoes are designed for difficult workdays!

    Baker's Apron, Hairdresser's Apron, Barber's Apron... Choose the Apron that's right for you to gain efficiency and comfort.

    Are you looking for a professional kitchen apron and professional kitchen attire


    Choose from our designs the one that best suits your business and buy it safely directly online. If you work in the hospitality and restaurant industries, you need to think very carefully about the clothes you wear when you are at work. Whether you are a cook, chef or cook's helper, it is important to use appropriate clothing that allows you to move around easily. The kitchen clothes should be comfortable and provide freedom and flexibility of movement for all kitchen activities.

    Why should cooks wear aprons


    The kitchen apron protects against stains.

    With akitchen apron, you can quickly and effectively protect your clothes from spills, grease and tomato sauce stains. 

    • Do you want to be as protected as possible? The bib apron is the right choice for you.
    • Just want partial protection and more freedom of movement? Then the demi kitchen apron may be a good option.

    The kitchen apron is quick to change.

    In everyday life, in the kitchen, splashes and stains constantly get on the clothes. The function of the kitchen apron is precisely to protect clothes. So, if the cook needs to go into the room to greet guests, all he has to do is take off his apron and put it back on once he gets back into the kitchen.

    You cook with style.

    Practicality meets style. In a professional kitchen in a restaurant, several chefs, sous chefs and waiters work together. Do you want to distinguish roles in the kitchen by using specific clothing? It's simple: just use different colors or shapes for kitchen aprons and, in addition to solving the problem, you will give your staff a touch of style and elegance. Choose the perfect apron in the color you prefer: we offer a wide selection of models and colors!


Japanese Apron

Step into the art of Japanese aprons. Uniquely crafted for style and simplicity — ideal for chefs and home cooking enthusiasts. Experience tradition and elegance.

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