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Leather Welding Apron

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  • 2 colors to choose from: brown or yellow
  • Ultra durable leather
  • Kevlar thread stitching
  • Lightweight leather: easy to wear all day long!
  • Length 91 cm, width 58 cm 
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Our Leather Welder's Apron offers great protection for welding.

A good welder knows to equip himself with the best tools. With this Welding Apron you will not break the rule.

Whether you're welding with an arc, TIG or MIG, you need equipment worthy of the name. Once you're wearing this Apron, you can have your apprentices pick up the welding sparks in a bucket... You'll be the TIG boss!

Available in two colors, this Leather Welder's Apron is comfortable thanks to its cross-back tie straps.

A Leather Apron suitable for welding.

Because welding is a demanding profession, you need strong and durable protective gear.

This is an outfit that will protect you from splashes and heat.

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