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Vintage Apron Dress

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Bring a Pin-up Girl Charm to Your Kitchen with the Vintage Apron Dress

Experience the charm of retro fashion with our Vintage Apron Dress. This voguish yet practical apron dress gives you an air of the 1950s, all the while making your culinary pursuits and household chores a stylish endeavor. With its fitted waist and flared hips, it doesn't just protect your outfit, but flatters your figure, making you the most chic chef in town!

Vintage Apron Dress: The Perfect Accessory for Multitaskers

No longer confined to the kitchen, this versatile Vintage Apron Dress is just the garment you need for gardening, housekeeping, or any other household task. With its nostalgic charm and modern adaptations, the apron dress is perfect for those who value style and functionality. Its adjustable, colorful straps can be tied around your neck and waist, forming charming bows, either at the front or back according to your preference.

Choose Your Color, Choose Your Style

The Vintage Apron Dress comes in a vibrant palette of eight colors - red, dark pink, light pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, and white. Pick your favorite shade and express your personality. Be it the fiery red for the passionate cook or the calming blue for the peaceful gardener, we have a color for every mood and occasion.

Comfort Meets Vintage Style in Our Apron Dress

Designed for comfort, this dress apron is made from 100% cotton, ensuring you stay cool and comfortable even during the most heated cooking sessions. The apron's dimensions are length 62 cm, width 72 cm, making it a perfect fit for most. It's a short retro dress style apron, exuding the charm of bygone eras while being tailored for the modern woman.

Easy Care for Your Vintage Apron Dress

The Vintage Apron Dress is as easy to maintain as it is stylish. Simply pop it into your washing machine on a cold water, delicate cycle. We even offer standard delivery for free, making this the perfect addition to your kitchen attire or a thoughtful gift for the stylish chef in your life.

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