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Sommelier Apron

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  • Elegant and comfortable
  • Crossed straps in the back
  • Multiple pockets
  • Material: Hypoallergenic cotton blend
  • Machine wash cold
  • Length 75 cm, width 60 cm
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A Sommelier Apron for wine enthusiasts.

A black colored Apron, equipped with pockets, allowing you to practice the profession of Sommelier: all that is missing is a bottle opener and wine glasses.

Traditionally, the Sommelier is the one who serves wine. Today, when we hear of a Sommelier, we expect a certain level of expertise that goes far beyond that of a simple wine waiter.

Becoming a Sommelier requires years of education and experience; it means knowing all aspects of wine, how to serve it, its production and history, and the art of food and wine pairing. In short, a Sommelier is a highly trained and skilled wine professional who typically works in a fine dining establishment.

Sommelier Apron

Why wear a Sommelier Apron ?

The sommelier, by virtue of his prestigious position, must be well dressed and wear professional attire. This is where the Sommelier Apron becomes the essential equipment, allowing him to be recognized by his customers. His Apron gives him an undeniable professional look, and thus he can easily serve the wine and provide the appropriate information both in terms of grape varieties and wine cellar conservation.

The Apron thus becomes a work outfit that the Sommelier will wear at every moment. Comfortable, it must also have pockets and offer an elegant and refined look. These are exactly the characteristics we wanted to emphasize for our Sommelier Apron.

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