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Short Apron

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  • 3 colors to choose from: denim blue, beige or black
  • Comfortable and stylish, ideal for all food trades
  • Composition: denim (blue) or cotton and polyester blend (beige and black)
  • Machine wash cold (optimal preservation)
  • 60 cm x 45 cm
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Our Short Apron is suitable for room service.

Designed for waiters and waitresses, this Short and lightweight model will llow you to move around easily, with great freedom of movement. Our Short Apron is a workwear created specifically for baristas, bartenders and waiters. With its pockets, it's perfect for storing a phone or notebook. Available in three colors, this is the Apron to wear during busy restaurant or bistro services.

Wearing a Short Apron is not only practical, but it also has many benefits.

First, Short Aprons help protect your clothing. This is especially important in the restaurant industry, where spills and splatters are common. Short Aprons also give waiters and staff a uniform appearance. This can help create a sense of professionalism and unity within a business. In addition, they are often more comfortable to wear than long aprons. This is because they don't get tangled up and get in the way while you work. Therefore, Short Aprons are an excellent choice for businesses of all types.

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Chef Apron will help you choose the Carpenter apron that suits you and your team! Short or long, from cooking to hairdressing, there is a Work Apron for every profession and every enthusiast. Our collection of Apron was created to meet the needs of the professionals.