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Restaurant Apron

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  • Comfortable and stylish, designed especially for serving and cooking
  • Down to the calves and ensures ease of movement
  • Fabric: Organic and hypoallergenic poly-cotton
  • 68 cm x 68 cm
  • Machine wash cold (optimal preservation)
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A practical and chic Restaurant Apron.

This Mid-Length Apron will be ideal in the kitchen as well as in the serving area. Elegant and chic, it is specially designed for all Restaurant jobs! Made of poly-cotton, this catering apron is comfortable to wear and easy to clean. It is also splash resistant, making it ideal for protecting your clothes from spills and splatters.

This Restaurant Apron will be ideal in the kitchen as well as on the floor. 

Tied at the waist, our Restaurant Apron will protect you up to the knees. It confers a stylish look and thus allows you to work in different types of restaurants and bistros.

Restaurant aprons can help protect your clothing or uniform by acting as a kind of "shield". They are also professional. When you work in the food and beverage industry, it is appropriate to wear a restaurant uniform so that customers know who to look out for. Wearing a restaurant apron also lets people know that you take your job seriously and take pride in your appearance.

The Restaurant Apron is available in a variety of styles and colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you're looking for something simple and understated or something more flashy and eye-catching, there's a Restaurant Apron for you.

Restaurant Apron: a professional outfit for restaurants.

A Restaurant Apron is a great way to showcase your restaurant team. Matching the colors and style of the apron to your restaurant's branding creates a clean look that will impress customers. Plus, it keeps the restaurant team's clothing clean and free of food stains. 

Why wear an apron in the restaurant business?

Wearing a Restaurant Apron is an essential part of any cook or waiter's outfit. Not only does it protect your clothing from spills and stains, but it also helps you stay clean and presentable. In addition, an apron can also be used to carry tools and other items you may need during your work. 

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