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Professional Chef Apron

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  • Comfortable and stylish: specifically designed for serving and cooking
  • 78 x 57 cm, comes down to the knees
  • Fabric: hypoallergenic poly-cotton
  • Machine wash cold (optimal preservation)
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The Professional Chef's Apron: classic and professional clothing.

With its adjustable neck strap, our Professional Chef's Apron offers optimal comfort for the restaurant business. Equipped with two pockets, it is made of a lightweight and durable fabric! It is a kitchen outfit suitable for restaurants, bistros and cafes.

This Apron for Cook comes in 5 original designs, so you can have the right work outfit for your desires.

How to choose a Professional Chef's Apron

When you work in the kitchen of a restaurant and lead a team, you must be efficient and easily recognizable. The Chef must wear an Apron that distinguishes him or her from others and is practical. The apron must allow the Chef to move comfortably throughout the service. If it has pockets, it is an advantage because the Chef will be able to store a notebook, pen or utensils.

To choose the Professional Chef's Apron that best suits you, take into consideration the possibility of washing it easily in the machine. In fact, it is possible that with each service, stains will find their way onto your Apron, especially from sauce and grease splashes.

Finally, you need to find the Apron that will set you apart from other Cooks. This can be by its shape or by its designs. Here, our Chef's Apron is a classic bib style, featuring original patterns and a double center pocket.

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Chef Apron will help you choose the Short Apron that suits you and your team! Short or long, from cooking to hairdressing, there is a Work Apron for every profession and every enthusiast. Our collection of Apron was created to meet the needs of the professionals.