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Pottery Apron

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  • Cross back straps
  • Fabric: poly-cotton, high-strength fabric
  • Machine wash cold (optimal preservation)
  • Length 78 cm, width 58 cm
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Our Pottery Apron is the perfect outfit for pottery.

All potters agree that an Apron is one of the essential items to have in one's studio, just like the Potter's Wheel. Not only does the Pottery Apron help you keep your clothes clean while you work, but some also come with pockets that you can use to hold some of the tools you work with, such as the pottery wheel.

Slung at the crotch, our Potter's apron allows you to handle clay comfortably.

No more discomfort from the neck bands of classic aprons! Its cross-back tie and leg slit are designed for easy clay handling at the pottery wheel.

Pottery Apron

A functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing Apron can really enhance your pottery studio, especially if you spend hours sitting at a pottery wheel.

Our Pottery Apron is easy to put on, with straps that cross over the back and two large panels of fabric layered over the legs, separated by a slit allowing the Potter to practice his or her craft comfortably. Made of poly-cotton, it has three pockets.

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