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Jean Apron

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  • Ultra-comfortable straps
  • Material: cotton
  • Multiple pockets
  • Machine wash cold (optimal preservation)
  • 83 cm x 84 cm approx
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Our Jean Kitchen Apron is made of a comfortable light blue denim.

This is the perfect Apron for aspiring chefs or those who simply love denim. The light blue color of this apron will be easily worn with any color of clothing. Plus, the comfortable fabric of this apron will make you want to wear it all day.

Wear our Jean Kitchen Apron to every cooking task.

In the kitchen or by the barbecue, this Denim Apron can be easily worn over any clothing, thick or thin, thanks to its cross back straps that allow for a perfect fit.

Our Jean Kitchen Apron is ideal for anyone who loves to cook or just walk around the garden. It will protect your clothes from spills and stains.

So feel free to cook - or bake - with the Jean Kitchen Apron. Your clothes will thank you!

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Looking for a different style? Try our Wipeable Apron that can be worn in the kitchen as well as in the garden! The Aprons for Women is an elegant and functional accessory for any cook who wants to prepare fine gourmet meals without worrying about spills. The Kitchen Apron is also a great way for those who want to create their own style and identity. Finally, our Apron collection includes aprons to equip the whole family!