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Japanese Pottery Apron

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  • Silky soft fabric for uncommon comfort
  • Material: cotton blend
  • Machine wash cold
  • Length of 100 cm: optimal protection
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Our Japanese Pottery Apron is the perfect outfit for pottery.

As any potter will tell you, one of the biggest challenges of the trade is staying clean.

Between the clay, the glazes and the firing process, there are many opportunities to get dirty. An apron offers an extra layer of protection against all that dirt. And when things do get dirty, it's much easier to clean up when you're wearing an apron. Just take it off and throw it in the washer!

Potters are fashionable people. You'll see all kinds of creative aprons at your local pottery studio or art fair. But even if you're not interested in fashion, an apron can be a great way to keep your clothes clean while you work with clay. So whether you're looking for protection or style (or both!), an apron is a great choice for any potter.

Fitted with a bow tie in the back, this Japanese Pottery Apron is stylish and ultra-comfortable.

For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of taking a pottery class, the work is messier than you think. And I'm not just talking about the clay. Between the wheel, the kiln, and all the other tools and supplies, things can get pretty messy pretty quickly. That's why potter's often wear aprons when they work. 

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