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Hair Stylist Apron

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  • Wide straps with unbreakable eyelets
  • Denim-effect cotton blend
  • High strength fabric
  • Machine wash cold (optimal preservation)
  • Length 78 cm, width 60 cm 
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The Hairstylist Apron, designed for salon work.

A great haircut takes time and real know-how. Our Hairstylist Apron will accompany you throughout your workday, providing style and comfort.

Hairstylist Apron

Work comfortably with its crossed tie in the back and protect your clothes from cut hair, as well as from splashes of hairspray and styling sprays.

Made of soft, sturdy denim, this is a work outfit recommended for not only hairstylists but for all types of trades.

Why should a Hairstylist wear an Apron?

First of all, the Apron helps to protect the clothing from hair and chemicals. It provides a barrier between the hairstylist's skin and potential irritants. Then, it can be used to wipe off loose hair and product residue. Also, it allows for storage of tools and products within easy reach. Finally, a Hairstylist Apron can help provide a professional appearance.

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