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Craftsman Apron

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  • Crossed back straps: comfort +
  • 3 colors: blue, brown or gray
  • Numerous pockets
  • Material: High strength cotton canvas
  • Machine wash cold (optimal preservation)
  • Length 75 cm, width 60 cm
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A Craftsman Apron for all DIYers!

Crafting is an activity enjoyed and practiced by people of all ages. Our specially designed apron for craftman is very practical for all types of work. Its wide straps crossed in the back allow for a perfect fit.

3 colors to choose from, for all tastes! You'll love tinkering with our stylish, sturdy and protective Craftsman Apron.

Craftsman Apron

What are the benefits of the Craftsman Apron?

For small repair jobs or large construction sites, whether you're a DIY enthusiast at home or a tool expert at work, you need to be well equipped.

The Do-it-Yourself Aprons are always good to wear and have on hand when DIYing, because wouldn't you rather have dirt, paint or dust on your apron than on your clothes?

To do this, choose a true do-it-yourself outfit, which offers plenty of storage for your tools. No more searching through your toolbox at every turn: screwdrivers and hammers can easily be stored close to you in the many pockets of this Apron.

Also, its straps cross over your back instead of your neck, so you can wear it during many hours spent tinkering. You also have the ability to adjust the straps to your comfort level, which is important when tinkering.

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