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Cleaning Apron

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  • Adjustable
  • Elastic waistband
  • Material: Extra strong polyester
  • Machine wash cool
  • Length 90 cm, width 48.5 cm
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A chasuble apron for cleaning.

Whether you're a housewife who pays attention to the upkeep of her home or a maintenance worker in charge of Housekeeping on premises, our Housekeeping Apron is the perfect outfit. Made of a resistant material, its black color makes it difficult to get dirty. Plus, it's adjustable with elastic waistbands and snaps. Its chasuble shape offers great comfort and ease of use. Finally, this Apron has a large pocket in its center, allowing you to store rag or cleaning products.

The Cleaning Apron, a practical cleaning accessory.

To perform household chores, you must be properly equipped to avoid soiling your clothes. Machine washable, this sober and functional Apron can be worn over your clothes whenever you want to scrub, clean, sweep, and any other Household activity.

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